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Beer Marketing Has Gone Flat


Have beer marketers gone loco or are they just lazy? Beer marketing has become a lame at best. Here are a couple of reasons why…

It seems ad execs at Molson Coors were looking for a new way to alienate include women. With only 17 percent of Molson Coors’ sales coming from women, company heads/brain trust knew they had to do something.

But instead of, say, rethinking their exclusively male-targeted ad campaigns for Coors Light, they’ve found a simpler solution: red food coloring. Molson Coors has launched Animée Beer, a new product aimed at that elusive woman beer customer. It’s pink! Problem solved.

Here’s another one. Will Ferrell offered to create a handful of videos for Pabst’s Old Milwaukee brand, free of charge. The ads, which found their way to YouTube late last month, can be neatly encapsulated as “Will Ferrell being Will Ferrell-like.” He shifts easily into unwitting-doofus mode, parodying celebrity endorsers and bone-dumb beer marketing in the same breath. Kinda funny…but mostly lame.

What ever happened to classic beer marketing like Budweiser’s “Whasssssup?” or Miller Lite’s “Taste great – Less filling” pairings? Both captured the interested and mind share of the brewers target audience. Like ’em or not. They worked. This new stuff doesn’t work at all.

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