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New Peeps Should Be Renamed “Poops”


In the world of product merchandising and brand building – product line extensions are a common and accepted practice. The theory is that if consumers like product A, there’s a good chance they’ll also like product A1. It’s even better if those same consumers continue to purchase product A while also purchasing product A1. And that’s how a business grows.

Sometimes, however, brand or product extensions are flops, alienate the core customer base or hurt the brand’s reputation.

Examples abound. Harley Davidson fans will buy just about anything emblazoned with the famous logo: t-shirts, lighters, jackets – everything a biker needs. But when they tried to introduce Harley Davidson perfume and aftershave, fans revolted. If you drive a Harley, you don’t want to smell nice. You want to smell though, like leather and motor oil, and you don’t need perfume or aftershave to help you do that.

One that caught my eye the other day at a convenience store is chocolate covered marshmallow Peeps – you know the little bright color chicks that a covered in sugar. Well, for the holidays new, brown chicks are on the shelves. They are carmel flavored and dipped on light or dark chocolate.

There’s a problem here. See if you agree. (a) carmel flavored marshmallow does not sound appealing at all, and, (b) they look more like turds than Peeps. Not good.

I’m often a sucker for Peeps. But these little turds are just plain bad and wrong. I hope the folks at Just Born Candies figure this out before they extend Peeps that look like poop into Easter.


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