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Social Media Driving Consumption Through Mobile


Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Green Monday, Last Chance Day, etc. Whatever happened to “Christmas shopping”? We’ve made the main event, shopping for the holidays, secondary to incremental events like Cyber Monday.

Cutting to the chase of retailing this holiday season the million dollar question has to be – what impact will social media really have on holiday shopping this year?

Last weekend on Twitter, for example, most of the chatter included sharing pictures or memes about Black Friday. Cyber Monday, though, saw most Twitter users (94 percent) sharing deal information. People are talking about big shopping days and sharing product/purchasing information through social networks. This will be increasingly important as we get deeper into the holiday shopping season.

As for what will catch shoppers’ eyes online, the usual discounts – free shipping, percentages off, frequent purchaser discounts – will be important. But so will mobile strategy.

Perhaps the biggest opportunity for increasing conversions this holiday season is to integrate mobile more efficiently. Some 70 percent of companies websites are not optimized for mobile and 84 percent report they don’t optimize email messages for mobile. This is a “disconnect”, as they say. Here’s why. So many shoppers are checking email, shopping and researching products via mobile, it stands to reason a better mobile strategy could only help increase conversions.

Between tweets on deals, links via email, QR codes and Facebook photo sharing – the average mobile consumer has more doors to enter retailers’ “stores” than ever before. It’s common sense that a retailer would want to have their store a welcoming one (aka mobile optimized) when consumers come through one of the many mobile doors. Right?

So, how does that happen? Make sure your company has a Chief Conversion Officer. If your company is not hitting sales plan or you’re missing conversion metrics – hire someone or promote someone to fix it! Putting a key employee in charge of conversion may be the best allocation of resources a company can have. Have them look at all the doors and store views constantly until you’re certain each is at its very best – or at least the most welcoming and buyer friendly.

Monetate has created an infographic on the subject. Here’s a piece of it – and it  makes sense to me.

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