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Google Music = iTunes + Pandora + Facebook


Google, the world’s largest search engine has expanded into another space of commerce with downloadable music. Google announced last week that its Music program was graduating from beta. Google Music is now public and in business in the Android marketplace.

Google is looking to distinguish itself from iTunes, the 800 lb. gorilla in the online music space by adding elements of interactivity and community into its version.

Google Music is somewhere at the crossroads of iTunes + Pandora + Facebook. It’s likely the social network and integration with the new music service will be Google Music’s edge. In addition to being able to upload their own music to Google servers, users of Google Music will be able to purchase songs directly from Google and then share one free listen on Google+.

Google+ had a reported 40 million registered users as of this past October. When Apple launched Ping, its music social network, the inability to interact with other existing social networks did not prove worth creating Ping profiles to share and recommend iTunes-purchased tracks.

Google has a long way to go to build up its library, which right now is comprised of about 13 million (I didn’t count them) tracks from three major record labels and a plethora of indie labels.

Frankly, I see the bigger picture here. It is my belief that Google is on a push to include the word “google” into every word or statement made in the English language by the end of this decade. No longer is it a map…it’s Google Map. It’s not just the earth anymore…it’s Google Earth. We can’t just translate – we Google Translate. On and on it goes.

If Google is successful in appending the word “google” to everything in the English language it will certainly undermine the genercized trademark phrase, “I Googled it” because that will refer to everything.

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