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Martha Stewart Calls It Christmas


American retailers and consumers are bearing down on the holidays. Many retailers such as Target have announced they’ll be open at midnight November 25th giving overly caffeinated customers a jump-start on Black Friday shopping festivities.

Retailers have turned to all sorts of tricks to entice shoppers to shop early and buy eagerly. Home Depot, for example, is giving consumers $5 towards a new set of LED lights for every tangled, twisted and inoperable string of lights one brings in. Luxury retailer Nordstrom used to require that customers spend at least $200 in order to qualify for free shipping because bulk orders make up for the merchant’s cost to ship items. Now, Nordstrom will ship most items for free, which means it could wind up losing money: it could pay up to $3 to ship a $7 pair of socks. Nordstrom is following a similar move by catalog retailer L.L. Bean, which got rid of its minimum-order requirement for free shipping in March.

“Retailers are now scared because some believe they’re in a second recession,” said C. Britt Beemer, chairman of America’s Research Group. “And the second recession is hitting them in the biggest shopping season of the year.”

One brand that does not appear to be fearful of a tough holiday season is Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia (MSLO). Martha’s website is decked out with holiday crafts and cookies like nobody’s business. And I love the fact she still calls the holiday observed near the end of December Christmas”! I guess you get a little less concerned about the PC thing after a stint in the Hoosegow.

Based upon Martha’s social media following she still resonates with many folks.

I find it somewhat comforting that with the economy on the precipice of a second recession that something as simple as the tips on making a felt and glitter stocking holder for candy canes is still on our minds. God bless, Martha. And Merry Christmas, Ms. Stewart.

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