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The Obsessive Study Of Athletics Aesthetics – Uni Watch


If you’re obsessed with sports there’s no shortage of media coverage to satiate your need for info, debate and inside stories. ESPN delivers 24/7 online, radio and TV. There is, however, a website that takes sport obsession to a new level. If your obsession is manageable (i.e., doesn’t interfere with your work, personal relationships or general health) is for you.

According to the site’s About Us page, “Uni Watch is a media project that deconstructs the finer points of sports uniforms in obsessive and excruciating detail. It has nothing to do with fashion — it’s about documenting and maintaining the visual history of sports design, and about minutiae fetishism as its own reward.”

One has to admire the language of this statement. Obsessive is cool…but excruciating detail! That speaks volumes about Uni Watch.

The FAQ’s are interesting (again in the context of the sports obsessed individual’s point of view). Important topics like “Why don’t the White Socks wear white socks?”…bottom line – no one knows. Which NFL team’s uniform is Uni Watches favorite?…Green Bay Packers, green jersey, circa 1960’s. Or, “Why does Fresno State have the “V” on the back of their football helmet?”…dying to know aren’t you?

So as you settle in for the start of the 2011 NFL season, that’d be tonight with the Green Bay Packers (Super Bowl 2010 champs) hosting the New Orleans Saints (Super Bowl 2009 champs), check out Uni Watch. You might just come up with some head-scratching trivia to blow your friends minds.

A tip of the cap (home colors, retro logo) to my daughter for pointing me to Uni Watch. Besides being a great pride she won her fantasy football league last year and is gearing up for a two-peat. Wish her well!

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