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Men – The Disappearing Demographic


What happened to men? I mean men that act like men. It appears they’ve been PC’d into extinction.

"I hope this thing doesn't go off!"

Change a flat tire…most can’t do it. Safely fire a gun…90 percent have never even held a gun. Can’t make a fire (not in a fireplace)? No problem…Google it. The list goes on. I can hear it now, “9th place ribbon – oh yeah, I won one of those in soccer.” Put me out of my misery.

When worrying about body hair is labeled “manscaping”, a guy’s space in the basement or garage is branded “man cave” or you’re a fancy dressing guy that lives in the city and you’re labeled “metro-sexual” you know men are in trouble.†

Men have lost their edge. Being a man doesn’t give a guy the right to be crass, use excessive profanity (unless the situation requires it), be rude or treat women, children or animals poorly. Rather being a man is a tradition of stability, appropriate sensitivity and common sense. Those are great assets in any situation.

So what what made men the disappearing demographic?  The answer may be in an article from the Wall Street Journal called “Where Have the Good Men Gone?” It was written by Kay S. Hymowitz, who recently published a book entitled Manning Up: How the Rise of Women Has Turned Men into Boys. 

In the WSJ article, Ms. Hymowitz laments that there are no longer good men out there, just a bunch of overgrown man boys. She then gives the same tired reasons for why American men aren’t doing so well today:  the economy, pop-culture, delayed marriage, video games, etc.

Hymowitz misses the point. It comes down to one thing. Responsibility. Men, good or real, have a refined sense of responsibility. This sense of responsibility drives all aspects of a man’s personality, social skills, physical condition, and, of course, sexuality. Until men grab a hold of responsibility – they are lost. And we’re a lesser society as a result.

† The only guy that gets a pass on being called a metro-sexual is Tom Brady. He owns three Super Bowl rings, holds the NFL record for most regular season touchdown passes, makes $18 mil a year and is married to supermodel Gisele Bundchen who brought home $45 million last year and is pretty good looking too. If I were in his shoes I’d be ok with wearing silly hats and scarf around my neck too.

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