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The Silver Bullet Of Marketing


Americans are wired to want the simple solution – the silver bullet. Whatever the topic – we want the quick fix. Weight loss? Painless and not inconvenient, please. Job hunting? Punch my ticket to the corner office, please. And so it goes with marketing.

I’ve actually heard a prospect say, “I don’t care about that stuff…I just want to do the one thing that will get me more business.” Yikes!

While the shotgun approach of trying everything isn’t much better – the premise of holding out for the silver bullet is equally risky.

So what does a brand do? Start with the basics.

Perfect Your Story – Brands that generate the most buzz are those that are very good at communicating why they do what they do. Occasionally what they do is almost secondary to their very compelling why they do it. Find your story, your why and make that the single-minded focus of your message.

Define Your Singular Difference – In a world of clutter and over stimulation simple is better. Isolate one element, word or outcome that your target can relate to or wants. Draw that difference out. Make it the nucleus of your brand message.

Eradicate The No-Decision Option – Given too many options or unclear distinction, no decision is the easy way out. In fact no decision steals more business away from brands than the competition – combined! Anticipate the path your marketing creates to a no decision outcome. Business is tough enough without competing against yourself.

If none of these sound like they are the silver bullet you are correct. However, by addressing these three concepts your marketing message will be hard-hitting, impactful and results generating. Just like a silver bullet.

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