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Why Social Media Marketing Is Not A Strategy


Social media is on everyone’s mind right now. Google the words “Social Media Channels” and you’ll see a modest 30,800,000 returns. Last year Nielsen reported Americans spend almost a quarter of their time online on social networks and blogs. That’s up from 15.8 percent a just a year ago (a 43 percent increase). Businesses have scrambled to participate and are now struggling to evaluate meaningful measurement.

Most brand’s and many marketers looked to social media as the silver bullet to get their brand, logo, product or services in front of a large, endearing audience for minimal cost.

To be clear…social media is a connection channel, a tool to carry your brand message to an audience. The discouraging truth for many brands is they have no message. Lower prices – that’s not a message. On sale!. Not a message. BOGO. Not a message. Groupon deals. Not a message. Crazier still is the fact that most brands have no idea who they are trying to reach. Fogging a mirror is not a demographic group.

Craft your brand message. Know your target audience. Speak to them as an informative authority. Use all the tools available. That’s how you make the most of social media.

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