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Mary Kay Style Home Party Selling Still Sells


Social media has allowed brands to reach consumers, fans and hangers-on, facilitating interaction and communication like nothing ever before. Marketing communications have become two-way, instantaneous and occasionally even driven by consumers. And, in spite of QR codes, smartphones, m-commerce and GPS, a time-tested sales and marketing technique known as direct-sale home parties continues to thrive.

The new home parties are not just for women and their definitely not just make-up or Tupperware.

Vault Denim has burst onto the scene in 2010. Vault Denim is a direct sales company that is a little different from others. First they sell designer jeans – you know the ones that cost $100 or more, often sporting bling, contrast stitching and brands that sound more like rock bands than clothing brands. Vault sells the same jeans found in department stores for up to 50% less. Customers don’t place orders at home parties and then wait for products to be shipped – they wear their new jeans home. Vault’s sales consultants have access to a local inventory of product (typically around 125 pair in a variety of styles and sizes), it’s brought to a hostesses home for a denim party and everybody wins.

Man Cave is a sales and marketing company marketing meat plus grilling and bar accessories through its direct sales parties known as “meat-ings”. Guests shop for meat products like the Buffalo Bleu Cheese brat, grilling accessories and pint sets while having a brew and a brat. Pretty straightforward stuff.

What’s clear here is that the connection and personalization that comes from these new forms of direct selling is working. Home parties rely on enthusiastic hosts or consultants who leverage their relationships in a fun environment that’s the opposite of big box, mall or specialty store shopping. In other words…it doesn’t suck. The product is there, you can try on our taste the product before buying, someone knowledgable about the product answers your questions and you have fun doing it. When was the last time any of those things happened to you at the big box?

I can’t speculate on the growth of Vault Denim or Man Cave but I can see that the direct sales home party business model is for from overdone.


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  1. 07/20/2011 7:44 pm

    Gotta love Vault Denim! Our company is growing at a whopping 5200% Now’s the time to get involved with this ground floor opportunity. We’re changing lives and pocketbooks one pair of jeans at a time!

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