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Beer Crisis Averted – Do The Hamm’s Bear Dance!


Yesterday’s revelation that the Minnesota state government shutdown was jeopardizing the likelihood of retailers and bars ability to sell or serve beer caused a bit of a stir. My post “Beer Off The Shelves in Minnesota” even attracted the attention of

More importantly I’m taking credit for contributing to breaking the deadlock between Democrat governor Mark Dayton and Republican led legislative leaders. Late yesterday they announced a deal had been made at the State Capitol.

The shutdown caused pain by delaying road projects, ruined vacations for campers at Minnesota’s State Parks, dry docked anglers with no licenses – but nothing hit Minnesotan’s like the revelation that there was a very major beer crisis looming on the horizon. Once you start messing with people’s addictions you’re on thin ice. Which, of course, is a tactic long used by marketers. Go for the emotion and you’ll get the response you desire.

So, this weekend Minnesotan’s will be the Hamm’s Bear Dance. If you’re not from Minnesota, under 30 years old or lived in a convent in the 60’s and 70’s here a spot to guide you on the finer points of the dance and song.

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