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Hipster Faith – Does Christianity Need Re-Branding?


Last year Gallup reported that the number of Americans who attended church regularly “inched up in 2010”. In the poll they asked if respondents attended a church, synagogue or mosque…which seems fair considering President Obama stated in 2008 that America is not longer “just a Christian nation”.

While “inching up” is an increase I’m wondering if Christianity has a brand problem. Is it cooler to be a muslim or a “non-believer” than a plain-old Christian? And if so – what, if anything, should be done about it?

We attend, with regularity although not every week, a large, “mega” church. It happens to be Lutheran – but we’ve attend other denominations, including Catholic, over the years. The mega church is addressing its coolness shortcomings with what I call “religitainment”. The collision of scripture and ceremony with rock music, actors portraying Biblical characters, outdoor concert services and the obligatory massive projection screens for slickly produced videos, graphics, readings and hymns.

I am not a fan of religitainment. I prefer the traditional.

I’m not sure where Christianity is going in this melting pot country we live in. But I do know this – after Steve Jobs was ushered out of control at Apple in 1985 and floundered until he returned in 1997 – Apple didn’t try to change who they were. Rather they (Jobs) refocused the company’s passion and determination. They didn’t reinvent themselves. They refined themselves. And that is what Christianity needs to do.

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