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Four Twitter Rules To Avoid Weiner-gate


Ask anyone who uses Twitter for personal use about their experience and they’ll likely say, “It’s convenient, simple and keeps me in touch with my friends.”

Ask any marketer who uses Twitter to extend a brand across new populations and they undoubtedly say. “It’s tricky.” Just ask the guys at New Media Strategy (Chrysler F bomb tweet) or Kenneth Cole (Egypt tweet).

The branding Twitter challenge is to:

  • stay on message
  • check your personal views at the door
  • humor is not always funny
  • politics and sex are off the reservation

Seems simple enough in concept but the reality is complicated. Consider your last conversation with a friend at Starbucks against the four points above – two or three elements are likely interwoven into the exchange.

Twitter for marketing is not a true conversation. It is a channel to spread your brands’ message. Never lose sight of that fact.

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