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The Sky Is Falling! So What?


Is The Sky Really Falling?

April and May are the heart of tornado season, which unofficially runs from March through June. This year, as is the case every year, tornadoes have touched down, destroyed property, killed many people, injured many more and are attributed by alarmists and the news media to global warming. While the asserted global warming connection may sell newspapers and help advance an anti-carbon dioxide agenda, tornadoes are becoming markedly less of a threat as the planet continues its modest warming trend.

Two national and international assessment reports recently stated that the existing data on climate change and tornadoes shows insufficient evidence to determine whether there is a link between climate change and “small-scale phenomenon such as tornadoes, hail, lightening and dust-storms,” the Fourth Assessment Report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change said.

On May 12, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, said a change in the overall climate patterns that are believed to be particularly relevant to storms that lead to violent tornadoes was not detected in the late April outbreak of 312 twisters in a 72 hour period. No connection has been reported in the last 30 years of data.

“So far, we have not been able to link any of the major causes of the tornado outbreak to global warming,” said NOAA’s May 12 statement posted on its website. “Barring a detection of change, a claim of attribution to human impacts is thus problematic, although it does not exclude that a future change in such environmental conditions may occur as anthropogenic greenhouse gas forcing increases.”

Here’s a suggestion to the climate change marketers and the media…get better data! Stop using “small-scale phenomena” such as hailstorms and tornadoes as your poster child. Unsubstantiated claims undermine any credibility you may have. If the sky is falling – we want to know.

If the sky is not falling – shut up!

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