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Are You Into Bacon? There’s An App For That.


Pile 'O Bacon. Yum!

It seems ironic that in a time when the first lady is telling us how and what to eat, that iconic brand mascot’s like Ronald McDonald and Tony the Tiger are called out as the cause of childhood obesity that our national obsession for bacon remains undaunted. We love our bacon.

Last year the U.S. consumed more than 1.7 billion pounds (771,100 metric tons) of bacon annually at restaurants and other food service companies. Bacon is the second fastest-growing pork item in food service, behind ground pork, the Des Moines, Iowa-based trade group said. Only China and the European Union eat more bacon than the U.S.

Our love of bacon inspires entrepreneurs to market bacon themed products like wristwatches with bacon-esque straps, bacon flavored chocolate and bacon vodka. In the kitchen delicacies like Bacon Explosion (which I have made) become internet cult sensations. In fact in 2009 Bacon Explosion was the most popular online recipe – with over 500,000 page views monthly.

Now bacon is penetrating the app market. In April, Reader’s Digest Association (RDA), launched Baconnection, an app for the Android Market, stuffed to the snout with bacon facts, bacon recipes, bacon games, bacon badges and more. The app features hundreds of ways to make bacon dishes from appetizers to deserts with top rated recipes from Allrecipes.comTaste of Home and Every Day with Rachael Ray.

With Baconnection you can obsess on bacon – even when you’re not near a kitchen, microwave or restaurant.

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