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Hipsters Like Pabst Because It Doesn’t Taste Like Beer


Hipster In Chief, Obama Hoists A Hip One

What’s a guy to do? Making tons of money, got a couple of sons who need work. I know. I’ll buy a beer company!

Apparently that’s exactly what “food industry magnate” C. Dean Metropoulos did a year ago when he bought Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. His LA-based sons, Daren and Evan Metropoulos, are now running the show (one of these guys lives in Hugh Hefner’s former mansion).

So now they’re branding PBR, Old Style and Schlitz to hipsters. Whaaaaaat? Says one hipster (and I’m not making this up), “I like PBR because it doesn’t taste like beer,” said Brenna Ehrlich, 26, co-author of the blog “Stuff Hipsters Hate” and a book by the same name. “It tastes like water. Dirty water.” (There has to be a marketing campaign in there somewhere!)

“I do kind of want to grab these guys by the ears and say, ‘Hey, do you not know what this (group of beers) is?’ This is a Midwest portfolio of beers, and it makes no sense to plop them in, of all places, LA,” said Kelly O’Keefe, professor of brand strategy at the Virginia Commonwealth University Brandcenter.

I’m stocking up on PBR now. No telling how soon these clowns will drive the brand into the ground.

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