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Brand Advocates Work For Your Brand


Consumers who are brand advocates, meaning they habitually share information about products they use, are far more likely to share product data online than non-advocates, according to research from marketing network BzzAgent. This includes using social media, email, e-commerce websites, and online feedback mechanisms.

Brand advocates are four times (28 percent) as likely as non-advocates (7 percent) to share information about products, brands, sales or stores via online feedback mechanisms than non-advocates. They are also roughly twice as likely to share information via social media (58 percent compared to 27 percent) and e-commerce websites (43 percetn compared to 22 percent). A smaller, but still significant discrepancy exists in the use of email (53 percent compared to 39 percent) for sharing product information.

C’mon folks. This is a no-brainer. Ask your brother-in-law to recommend a plumber and you make the call. See numerous print, hear radio ads, etc. for plumbers…and your at a loss as to who to call when the toilet overflows.

Be good to your customers. Apply the Golden Rule. You’ll garner fans,”likers”, advocates, and ultimately, business/revenue up the guzoo.

It’s not rocket science.

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