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Social Media Is Bringing Viewers Back To TV


TV is going strong right now.

April is a power month for TV. Both genders have much to be drawn to. For guys it’s play-off time in the NBA and NHL. They also have NFL draft coming up plus Major League Baseball. For gals there’s Dancing With The Stars, Idol and the Royal Wedding is a bonus.

According to an article in Advertising Age, “after several years of decline in live tune-in TV – Twitter, Facebook and some mobile startups appear to be luring audiences back to appointment TV. While DVRs unglued us from TV schedules, the desire to tap into the tweets, posts and check-ins in real-time may just bring us back.”

Why do they work so well together? Tweeting and Facebook facilitate real-time chatter about the show. One doesn’t have to wait until the next day to comment around the water cooler.

The article continues, “A whopping 86% of U.S. mobile internet users watch TV with their mobile devices, according to a Nielsen and Yahoo study published in January. Of that set, 40% say they are using the devices for social networking, 33% are using apps and more than half are texting friends and family. On the wired web with PCs and laptops, 60% of Nielsen panelists reported they simultaneously watched TV and surfed the internet at least once in March.”

Converting tweets to ratings is not a slam dunk but it is doable. Integrating commercial spots into the social platform is key to leveraging the interaction of the social crowd as well. These are good challenges for the TV industry to face. I hope they don’t blow it.

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