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Finally A Tourism Ad That Doesn’t Suck


Most spots created to entice tourists to visit and leave (most importantly leave their money) are woefully weak. Think “Virginia Is For Lovers” or “Connecticut – Full of Surprises”.

According to CNN “At a time when states are slashing spending to deal with their staggering budget shortfalls, there’s one area they’re not cutting from: their state tourism ads.” In Minnesota which has a $6.2 billion deficit legislators are even considering a 1% sales tax on rental cars to help raise $2.6 million or more dedicated to tourism marketing. Welcome to Minnesota travelers…just leave more of your money while you are here – especially if you need to rent a car.

Of late Minnesotan’s as well as viewers in neighboring states have been treated to a spot called “More To Explore In Minnesota”. What’s odd is that it doesn’t suck. It’s clever, pulls in iconic, local-boy turned Minnesota Twin Joe Mauer, has a quaint jingle – and was likely relatively low production cost. Here’s the spot.

Come and visit. Bring lots of cash!

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