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Facebook Is All About Fun


Facebook is all about fun!

Facebook advertising is predicted to hit $4 billion this year, which is double the amount spent in 2010 according to eMarketer. While many brands are investing in the space, they lack comparative experience to assess how well their campaigns are performing.

Webtrends, a global leader in social and mobile marketing analytics, has analyzed over eleven thousand campaigns to provide performance benchmarks brands can use to evaluate their own campaign performance.

The volume of data Webtrends processed to arrive at their conclusions is stunning:

  • 4.5 billion impressions
  • 2.2 million clicks
  • 11.2 thousand ads
  • 1.5 thousand campaigns

What did all this data yield?

  1. Less Clicks for the Money – as the cost of advertising increases and the volume of ads goes up as well – the number of people clicking on ads decreases
  2. Age and Gender Play a Role – Age and gender appear to have a direct impact on how much we click on Facebook ads. The older we get, the more we click; that is until we reach 65. Women are just as likely to click as men when they are 18-24, but grow more likely to click with age.
  3. Social Brands Perform Better – fans stated that they are still primarily on Facebook for fun. Therefore it stands to reason that industries that are fun to discuss with our network are seeing higher CTR (click thru rate).

For me and my clients this is where the rubber meets the road. Many brands are looking to social media to reinvigorate their customer connection activities. Unfortunately for many brands, the product, service, message or offer, are anything but fun! This doesn’t imply that adding Bozo the Clown to every social media campaign will ensure success. But it does highlight the importance of aligning a brands’ campaign with the interests and expectations of Facebook users to insure a successful experience for the advertiser and the target audience.

One of the most compelling elements of social media is the opportunity to create best practices as we go. The entire social media space is new territory. Trial and error are commonplace. It’s an exciting time to connect – for sure!


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