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iPad 2 Launch – NOW!


iPad 2

Right now – every brand should be studying Apple. From every angle.

Whatever your product or service. Because right now Apple stores are launching the iPad 2. TV crews are capturing the buzz.

iPad 2 Line @ MOA



At the Apple store in the Mall of America in Minneapolis the crowds have been gathering all day. The line, at least 50 yards long and 4 rows deep, by my estimates was around 500 people.

Clearly Apple is preaching to the choir. Another estimate of mine put over half the people in the line looking at their iPhones and a good number were on their laptops or old-school tablets.

But what is that Apple is doing that makes people want to stand in line for the “chance” to buy something? Who are these people? Don’t they know the economy is in the tank? Don’t they understand consumer confidence is at an all-time low?

It doesn’t matter.

Apple has what consumers want. Products that are easy to use (no manual required), great service (ever been to the Genius Bar?) and a vision. To create magical technology that changes the way people interact and communicate. To unleash creativity. To grind Microsoft into the ground…well, I made that one up.

The only folks not jazzed by the buzz of the pre-launch lines were the staff at the Microsoft store directly across the hall from the Apple store. Employees outnumbered customers. My post October 10, 2010, “Mac vs. PC Stores – Mexican Standoff At The Mall” previewed this event. It’s lonely being a PC.

It's Lonely Being PC


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