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Social Media Is About Sheenspeak and Coupons


According to a new Ad Age/Ipsos Observer Survey of the digital-media habits, Facebook was the winning platform with 41% of respondents saying they wanted to receive messages from marketers. 65% want coupons from the brands they follow. More interestingly 42% want “Better Customer Service” – which is extremely broad but offers potential for brands to enhance connections with consumers.

However, the first reason two-thirds of Facebook users gave for friending a brand was “I hoped to get discounts”. In today’s economy I’m fairly certain most brands are not seeking additional ways to give away margin dollars.

At the same time I’m unable to comprehend the media coverage of Charlie Sheen’s ongoing public meltdown.

Sheen gained 1 million Twitter followers in 25 hours and 17 minutes – record time according to Guinness World Records. I didn’t realize they kept track of that trivia.

If social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are just about discounts and celebrity meltdown voyeurism – they are doomed. I believe there’s more opportunity to connect but clearly the creativity, content and ideas need to be more powerful than the draw of a 50% off coupon or psychotic celebrity rants.



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