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Got Any Spare Change for the Post Office?


My mailbox was taken out by a snowplow. It happens this time of year in snow country. So I’ve had the opportunity to visit my local post office.

I’ve heard the United States Postal Service is losing money. In my recent experience I’ve seen why. It doesn’t regard its customers as customers – rather as unpleasant distractions from getting their jobs done. Here’s what I observed on my most recent visit to the main post office in a suburban city of 60,000.

Customer Service – that’s a oximoron at the Post Office. Customers are really viewed as inconveniences to getting other tasks done – not the source of revenue for the operation. Service…this is classic government stuff. Over the noon hour there is one person working the counter with a line ranging from 3 to 10 people. Average wait time around 12 minutes.

Technology is absent – in a time when I can use credit apps on my iPhone I see this hand-written card in “swipe channel” of the charge machine. Classic.





Product Merchandising – as a long-time merchant I may be more

in tune with this than others but c’mon who wants to venture in there to buy something?






Innovative Marketing – What is the message? I’ve never understood the difference between Express and Priority mail. I do understand Overnight and Next Day from their competitors. Get a load of the circa 1985 images (especially the cat in the center) on some kind of sign.



I don’t have a grudge against the Post Office or its employees. And this post was not on my radar until my experience yesterday. Just the same the sign below says it all.

For more info on why the USPS is losing money while FedEx and UPS thrive –


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