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Super Bowl or Social Bowl?


If your target market is in the 18 to 34 year-old demographic this Sunday during Super Bowl XLV will be insightful.

Of course, there’ll be the $ 3 million dollar commercial spots and marketers have geared up with Twitter and Facebook for “Social Bowl”. Advertising Age says, “From hashtags to newsfeeds to online spots, advertisers tap Web 2.0 to extend buy” of those expensive TV spots.

But something else is going on. Mobile moves seamlessly into the multi-channel experience. Smartphones are becoming an additional delivery device.

In the 18 – 34 age group nearly two-thirds who plan to watch the Super Bowl will also be using a smartphone.

  • 59% will be sending emails or text messages about the game
  • 18% will be checking out ads online from their phones
  • 32% will be posting comments about the game on a social network

Advertisers are looking to leverage $3 million dollar spend using emerging channels like mobile. The hopes are social media extends the life of a spot, reaches new/different markets and is comparatively super cheap to employ.

Tweet me during the game – I’ll be online @ rickrusch_

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