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Shopping With Dread


I Hate Shopping

As if retailers didn’t have enough problems – now they need to figure out how to remove “despise” from their customers’ experiences. More men than women (56% versus 49%) despise going shopping to fill their wardrobes.

Men’s Wearhouse announced the findings of its inaugural nationwide Well-Dressed Men Survey, conducted by Kelton Research, revealed how shoppers feel about shopping.

What a bore. The report goes on to say that shopping is frustrating (24%), routine (20%), boring (13%), or even painful (9%) or dreadful (9%), while only 1 in 4 (25%) think shopping is a positive experience.

Remember when shopping was kind of fun? When retailers such as Gap innovated merchandising, pricing and assortment and Banana Republic brought the safari experience to main street? From my perspective retailers are suffering from self-inflicted sameness. From Gap to Kohl’s to Macy’s – the product and the experience is identical. And it’s not good.

It’s time for every retail executive to evaluate brand position, brand proposition and delivery of experience against that proposition. There’s precious little time. Consumers are gravitating to new shopping platforms such as Groupon and online auctions to eliminate the dread of shopping from their lives. Unchecked many retail brands will be eliminated as well.

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