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Shoppers Have Gone Mobile


Shoppers are increasing use of mobile phones to get the best deal or compare prices. Retailers need to get ahead of this curve – pronto!

“ForeSee Results Report on Mobile Shopping” shows that one-third of all survey respondents had accessed a retailer’s website using a mobile phone (compared to 24% in 2009), and an additional 26% said that they plan to use their mobile phone to visit a company’s website, mobile website, or mobile application in the future.

Among the group that exhibited mobile shopping behavior for the retailer they rated, most looked up price information (56%), compared different products (46%), looked up product specifications (35%), or viewed product reviews (27%). ForeSee Results analysis suggests retailers need to understand what their shoppers want, need, and expect so they can develop mobile apps and sites accordingly.

Once retailers have figured out what their customers want, need, and expect (wouldn’t that be lovely) – building an app or two is pretty simple. Most retailers continue to struggle with distinctiveness in identity, how to get off the price-cut merry-go-round and how to keep inventories lean but right. I suggest to any retailer I meet to read “I Love You More Than My Dog” by Jeanne Bliss of CustomerBliss. It’s a great place to start when trying to figure out what your customer wants.

What ForeSee Results seems to have missed in this survey is customers’ satisfaction with what they found via mobile app. Most retail apps seem to have little conversion ability. Perhaps that’s in the next survey.

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