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God Doesn’t Want Football Played Indoors


NFL football needs a brand check. It’s time for some serious self-reflection.

On one hand – head-to-head hits, body-launch tackles and other maiming has pushed NFL games to the brink of being painful – TO WATCH!

On the other hand – NFL football has gotten soft. The New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady, sporting a bad haircut is now the official spokesman for Uggs (the boots your girlfriend wears). Around here we call it Giseleified (in reference to Brady’s wife, Victoria’s Secret model Gisele Bundchen)

Indoor or Outdoor?

Yesterday God sent a message that football has gotten soft. Under the weight of 17+ inches of fresh snow the roof of the Mall of America Field, home of the Minnesota Vikings, collapsed. The roof fell at 5 am December 12 making a noon game against the New York Giants impossible.

Maybe its a good thing. The MOA dome was never a good venue to watch sports.

Even in Minnesota – where temperatures and snow can make late-season football a battle against your opponent and the elements – playing outdoors is better. To verify this fact just fly 300 miles east/northeast to Green Bay, Wisconsin. Lambeau Field packs ’em in even in the coldest, snowiest and nastiest of conditions. The Packers consider weather a home field advantage…appropriately nicknamed “The Frozen Tundra”. The Vikings played outdoor football at Metropolitan Stadium. It was there that fair-weather teams were routinely stomped into the frozen turf.

Watch the dramatic footage of the dome’s collapse. Tell me this is not a sign?

Last Saturday the largest crowd in Michigan Stadium history wedged itself in for the Big Chill. The Michigan Wolverines downed the Michigan State Spartans 5-0 in a men’s college hockey game played outdoors. The crowd of 113,411 broke the record for a crowd watching a hockey game.

I might recommend keeping your eyes on the roof at the next indoor hockey game you attend. God might have his eyes on moving hockey outdoors (what a concept!) as well.

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