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Repositioning Black Friday


Black Friday, the name coined by retailers for the day after Thanksgiving, as the tipping point to profitability (in the black) is suffering from over-use and abuse.

Retailers looking for any marketing handle for a sale other than calling it a “sale” have over-used the term for the past several years. Black Friday has become part of the consumers’ lexicon as a result. Retailers release their Black Friday ads and coupons like press releases, Black Friday websites have appeared with predictions, forecasts and updates

In the past couple of years the term Black Friday has abused. This year, for example, “black friday” began in early. Walmart started promoting Black Friday around Nov 6th, Best Buy – Nov 5th and Toys R Us – Nov 13th.

I am fortunate to live within a 10 miles of every major big box and mid box retailer in the USA!

Imagine my excitement in learning that the JC Penney store near my home was opening earlier than the advertised opening hours – to give me a leg up on the poor saps who didn’t receive this special invitation.

Ignoring the possible discussion around who actually goes to a JC Penney store at 3 am on the Friday after Thanksgiving is tough – but I will.

Back to the whole Black Friday positioning… I think I have a solution. I’d recommend rebranding Black Friday to DAT Day. An acronym for “Day After Thanksgiving” is efficient to say, plays right into the dumbing down of the English language and gives retailers a NEW, IMPROVED reason for a sale (without calling it a “sale”, of course).

If DAT Day resonates with you…it’s yours. Pass it along to your retailing buddies. I’m expecting no payback for this great idea.

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