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Job Description On Post It Note


Back in the heady days of dot com I participated in the early stage of well financed eCommerce business selling original art.

The company, and the management team in particular, was a powerhouse of talent, smarts and energy. Having come from a $1 + billion dollar corporate environment I found the “make-it-up-as-you-go” mentality refreshing and occasionally un-nerving.

Emblematic of the company’s entrepreneurial methodology was my job description. Concise. No corporate lingo. Comprised of four simply worded bullet points and signed by the CEO and Founder.

Delivered on a Post It note!

Those of you who follow ThoughtTech – On The Horizon know I’m a proponent of brevity in positioning, branding and mission statements. On Oct 27th I wrote – “The Secret To The Ultimate Positioning Statement” which requires the use of 8 words or less.

I keep the Post It note above in a small frame on my desk some ten years after leaving that company. It serves to remind me of the artfulness of communication brevity. Could you write your job description on a Post It note?

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