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Not Delivering “Hope & Change” Is Costly


It’s likely yesterday’s mid-term election will be analyzed and over-analyzed on multiple levels. That doesn’t prevent me from weighing in however.

Voter response provides a “teachable moment” in marketing 101. A critical mistake made by the Obama administration and Democratic leadership was creating high expectations but not delivering. Most Americans witnessed precious little change and are less than hopeful.

The Democrats have paid the same kind of price any company would if expectations and reality are not aligned. How many times would you ship via FedEx who promises “The World On Time” if they weren’t on time? Not too many times I suspect.

Since 1970 the White House, Senate and House of Representatives have been in the hands of one party, whether Republican or Democrat, 30% of the time. By most any measure, the U.S. economy has been healthier the other 70% of the time. Divided government is good.

As of today I am indeed hopeful for change.

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