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Hair Clubs For Men


Sir, Your Haircut Is A Major Offense

Do guys really need to go to a sports-theme salon to get a haircut?

Sport Clips and now Pro Cuts are betting on it.

Do huge black & white photos of athletes, basketball court markings on the hardwood floor and, get this, a basketball hoop over the hamper for tossing in towels – make a guy want to come in for a $17 haircut from a stranger? It might help if she’s our ref at left but otherwise I think not.

Real guys want to go to a barber shop. A spartan place where the talk is sports, cars, politics and girls. Where the magazines are Sports Illustrated, ESPN, Sports Afiield, Maxim, etc.

Real guys go to places like Schmidty’s Sports Barbers in St. Paul. Schmidty’s offers “Regular haircuts by regular guys.” Can’t beat that. Heck, even hometown hero Joe Mauer gets his close-cut at Schmidty’s. I wrote about Mauer and Schmidty’s back in July. The pricing board at Schmidty’s tells it all.

I wonder what kind of advice you can get from the young woman with the nose piercing at a sports-theme “salon”. Probably not “Priceless” but definitely worthless.

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