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Your Laptop Is Bad For Your Lap


Just when we thought moronic design came to a head with the introduction of the highly uncomfortable SkyRider airplane seat (introduced in “An iPad With A Cup Holder”) – now this!


Warning: Do Not Use Laptops On Your Lap! “Never mind that silly name, laptop, we only intended to imply these “smaller” computers didn’t have to stay on your desk…we weren’t actually suggesting consumers should use them on their laps.”

Research shows the bottom of a laptop can reach temperatures around 125 degrees. This can cause permanent skin darkening known as “toasted skin syndrome”. Toasted skin syndrome? Doesn’t that sound lovely?

At 125 degrees it would take about 35 minutes to grill a hamburger to “rare”. Is that what you want to do to your lap? I didn’t think so.

All of which leads me to believe this story has been made public by the manufacturers of the SkyRider seats, Avioninteriors, who suggests that airlines could install these seats with just 23 inches of leg room space between rows. Those precious inches, known in the industry as “seat pitch,” could potentially allow airlines to squeeze even more paying passengers on the same jet.

Clearly there’s no room on your lap for an overheating laptop – hence the iPad with my innovative i-Sip cup holder (in stores sometime in the foreseeable future).

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