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“Social Network” Story Distorted – This Is A Surprise?


The movie “Social Network”, the new film about the birth of Facebook, opened this weekend to rave reviews from critics.

Among Harvard grads who count themselves as among Facebook’s first few hundred subscribers the film is getting mixed reviews. These early users the feeling “takes ample liberties with the reality they lived as undergraduates.”

Karin Dor... I mean Pocahantas

Hold the presses! This IS news. A movie distorting reality. I believe it’s happened before. For example, the Italian “Indians” in Clint Eastwood’s “Spaghetti Westerns” or Matt Damon as an action hero in the “Bourne” series.

C’mon, Harvardites…it’s a movie not a documentary. Get over it and enjoy the attention you’ll get from being able to say you were there when Facebook began.

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