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Is Brand Reinvention Necessary?


Minneapolis digital marketing firm Space150 plays in the leading edge space of online, mobile and social medias. Constant change defines digital marketing. In order to stay on the forefront of change Space150 undergoes an agency-wide reinvention every 150 days.

While this kind of mantra garners attention in the media it rarely defines success.

Most, if not all, brands evolve and change. Some of this is market driven, some leadership and some is competition driven. Usually the transition is subtle and rarely is it more than twice a year.

One brand reinvention that comes to mind is auto maker Hyundai. In 1986 when they broke into the US market their edge was price. They were the cheapest car on the market. Today it’s about quality and fuel economy. Both brand positions have been market opportunistic and effective. I’m sure you can think of other examples.

Granted Hyundai is not on the bleeding edge of digital marketing…although they do play in that space. But does a brand like Hyundai or Sears need a digital marketing source that reinvents itself every 150 days? I think not.

What defines effective marketing is the core values of the brand. Online marketing techniques are not about innovation. It’s about getting back to the basics. Creating personal relationships. Not just offering products – initiating dialogue. Create experience – sharing context.

It will be interesting to watch Space150 morph every few months. Where it will take them only time will tell.

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