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An American Brand – Stitched Back Together


Back on August 18th I wrote a post “Made in America – I Might Consider It”. There I agreed with an article by Kevin Hassett of Bloomberg News when President Obama described the auto industry as the heart and soul of American manufacturing.

According to Hassett, “most of us see the years of the (auto) industry’s becoming swamped by insanely high labor costs after unwise concessions to unions; the problem was that we never had a presidential orator brilliant enough to urge everyone get together and craft a plan to save manufacturing.”

I went on to point out a great product made in America – the Tibor fishing reel.

Another terrific example of made in America is the J.W. Hulme company. The 105 year-old company was chronicled in the Wall Street Journal in January 2009. The WSJ article used the luggage manufacturer as an example of a company struggling in the credit crisis of 2008/2009. The article turned out to be a blessing for J.W. Hulme. Investor money was infused, distribution partnerships formed as well as presence in Barney’s stores occurred.

My perspective is that the Hulme products are incredibly superior in quality, workmanship and materials. I own one. And I love it. It’s a leather duffel bag. When standing in line for airport security I’ve received compliments, noticed “hubby” tell “wifey” to notice the bag, etc. And it’s a tough son-of-a-gun as well. It’s been ridden hard and put away wet.

So next time someone says nothing’s made in America anymore – point them to the J.W. Hulme Co. in St. Paul, MN. They’ve been around over one hundred years, they’ve survived a financial nightmare and now they’re back and strong. That’s a story we can all be proud of!


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