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Ducks Unlimited Stares Down The Barrel – Of Their Website


Ducks Unlimited is an “organization which is dedicated to preserving and restoring wetlands, along with supporting the animals which prefer the wetlands environment.” It has over 775,000 members, including me, and retail sales of over $225M. It’s larger and more comprehensive in operations than many big name brands.

Yesterday I received an email from DU. It read, “Help us improve the Ducks Unlimited website!

“If you are a member of Ducks Unlimited, a waterfowl hunter or a supporter of wetlands conservation, then we want to talk to you!Today, we are looking for people to share with us their experiences on the Ducks Unlimited website. This is a market research study and is not an attempt to sell you anything. All of your comments and personal information will be kept strictly confidential.”

In order to participate, participants must be able to attend a 45-minute remote interview on Wednesday, September 15th. Remote interviews can be conducted from the home or office. All participants need is access to a phone and the Internet so you can share your screen with us.

I was impressed on several levels. First, how many large entities are willing to go “live” with actual site users to evaluate user experience on their website? Next, the current site is good. The fact DU is looking to improve speaks volumes about their culture. And DU is serious about who participates in the experience. I took a 5-minute qualifying survey. I’ll find out if I’ve made the grade in a few days.

Now I’m really interested. Would you or your company take on a similar exercise?

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