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Shopping For Hope


Less than ideal weather in the Twin Cities residents indoors for Labor Day. For many the last, long weekend of summer wound up at the mall, theater or around the house.

My day brought me to IKEA. I happen to like IKEA. I know for many men – IKEA can be similar to a zombie-stroll through a maze of home stuff that looks somewhat foreign.

Yesterday the IKEA in the Twin Cities was jammed. Shopping as entertainment has long been discussed. Observing the throngs in IKEA I’d have to agree with this concept.

What was most interesting was not what I saw in IKEA yesterday but what I heard. I casually overheard several conversations that included words like “Wouldn’t be nice to…” or “I think we can do…” and “We need…”

What I was hearing was hope. People hoping the economic grey clouds will break away allowing optimism to shine through. Consumers want to spend. Buying is what makes them “consumers” after all.

Retailers who want consumers to open their wallets need to look no further than their own inventories, product mixes and promotions. Smart retailers, like IKEA, have blended innovative, functional and attractive product with sharp prices and massive selection – topped with hopeful enthusiasm opportunities throughout their store.

What’s stopping other retailers from offering up a little hope to their customers?

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  1. B. Scholz permalink
    09/07/2010 9:50 am

    What’s holding back retailers?

    The #1 answer is? Obama!!! (-nclude the ding ding ding from Family Feud).

    This weekend, the prez laid out yet another non starter on the the stimulus redo redaux redo. Yes fixin’ roads, bridges, rail is fine. But it does not help small biz.

    Those who get the work will pay off bills or even save. The liklihood that they go blow a wad of dough at IKEA or elsewhere is goofy.

    Plus the wage tax holiday is a short term joke. Who is gioing to hire based on that. Obama coukd use a few main street biz folks and a grocer in his admin to understand the economy. Nuff said.

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