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Apple and Amazon Want To Grab Your Remote


Steve Jobs reintroduced Apple TV at their annual fall even in San Francisco Wednesday.

The “digital living room” is up for grabs. Newcomers such as Roku, Boxee, and even Google with its Google TV– all with set-top boxes are hovering around your house. But Apple and Amazon seem to have the inside track on success.

According to Erica Ogg is a CNET News reporter who covers Apple, “Jobs spent a lot of time talking about what doesn’t work in the living room based on customer feedback. According to him, what people don’t want: noisy, large set-top boxes, user-generated content, a computer in their living room, or to have to think about hard drive space.”

What consumers do want, according to Jobs is pretty straight-forward: Hollywood-quality movies and TV shows (“people don’t want amateur hour,” he said), cheaper content, and to rent not own.

Meanwhile up in Seattle, is working on a new subscription service that would deliver TV shows and movies over the Internet. Amazon’s subscription push is a challenge to rivals such as Netflix and Google as they race to dominate digital delivery of TV shows and films, encroaching on turf traditionally controlled by cable and satellite television providers.

The clear advantage will go to:

Apple – if it can produce idiot-simple user experience (see iPhone), elegant technology and problem-free use

Amazon – if it can convey and deliver a superior, customer-service supported product (even if it’s a bit clunky from a technology standpoint)

Either of these two brands have a track record of reinventing a market space by delivering what people want, how they want it, when they want – sometimes even before they know that they want it!

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