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The MIMO Free Store Is Ultimate In Recycling


The MIMO (Move-In Move-Out) Free Store is a concept that should gain traction in every college or university town. MIMO, in southeast Minneapolis, plays matchmaker for budget-conscious students and unwanted household furnishings.

Move-Out Days In Madison, WI

After living in Madison, WI, home of the University of Wisconsin’s Bucky Badger, I can safely say this is concept needed in Madison. Student move-out days present the city of Madison with trash and public safety issues of significance.

In Madison there’s a tradition in mid-August where student leases expire and 48 hours later the new years’ leases begin. This gives landlords time to “spruce” up the rental properties. In transition furniture is trashed, discarded and dumped – all over the city. Kind of a mess.

It’s also a bit of a free-for-all shopping time for those with wheels or enough strong backs to haul that floral sofa to the new apartment. This causes traffic and vandalism headaches that normally quiet neighborhoods deplore.

With money tight and going green all the rage, college campuses and neighborhood groups are working cooperatively to resolve the problem.

MIMO’s concept is spot on and seeded by a $25,000 grant from (and as Dave Barry was known to say), “and I’m not making this up”, The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency.

MIMO believes their concept can modify the practice of taking back-to-school trips to Target with Mom and Dad and discarding the items 9 months later. Having made a few of those trips myself with daughters #1 and #2 – I say – Amen!

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