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Donate Ochocinco’s Tweet Fine to Charity


The NFL has fined Cincinnati Bengals star Chad Ochocinco $25,000 for possessing an electronic device on the playing field and transmitting electronic messages during the game. Paraphrasing NFL rules, “Players can’t tweet 90 minutes before kickoff and until post game media obligations met.”

Limiting player contact with anyone off the playing field during a game (even if it’s a pre-season game) is a good idea. The potential for media to wedge into an injured players’ status, the temptation for gambling and the general distraction are valid reasons to keep smart phones off the field.

$25 K is stiff. But Chad’s got the dust.

I wish the NFL would donate that money to a charity such as Cell Phones for Life. Their mission is to provide FREE emergency use cell phones for the elderly,disabled, and battered women’s shelters. These phones are used for emergencies only and provide a sense of freedom and security. $25 K would take them a long way.

A tremendous opportunity for the NFL to do good and be good!

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  1. 10/05/2010 12:54 pm

    That’s a very interesting prospect. I’ve never given much thought into what the NFL actually does with the money they receive from fining players. As of the past couple years we’ve seen the fines get steeper and steeper yet where does it go? I’d assume it gets funneled back into the corporate juggernaut somehow but it certainly would be novel if they put it towards some of the charities they’re quick to slap their logo on.

    I wonder if they’d reply to a little inquisitive letter? :/

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