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3 Reasons To Take Up Golf To Grow Your Business


Yesterday I was privileged to be invited to a, thankfully, non-charity golf outing. Just a great company – Merrill Lynch – looking to reward clients (not me), swells (not me) and the well-heeled (not me) to a day away from the computer. Our host, Christopher Burque, is a legend among under-40 financial guys and a real asset to the Merrill Lynch Wealth Management group.

It was a beautiful day but hot. A bit more breeze or more frequent visits by beverage carts would have helped. Some.

In the final analysis:

  • Golf is the ultimate business/sales game – 18 holes take 5 hours. How else can you comfortably corner a prospect for that amount of time at his/her office?
  • Golf, with its ups and downs is a game that are similar to business – a mix of challenges, frustrations and triumphs. Deal with them on the course successfully and you’ll do the same in business
  • Golf, like business, equalizes the meek, jocks, girls/boys, old and young

At the end of the day – this is what keeps most golfers going. BTW – I look more like the guy directly behind the guy teeing off than anyone else in the armada.

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