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3 Reasons Social Media Won’t Help Your Brand


It’s hard to avoid the chatter about the necessity of social media as a marketing  and/or connection medium for businesses today.

The other day I read how social media is important for fitness professionals. I’d offer that social media is important for your brand – regardless if you are a fitness professional, a bakery or dentist.

What’s typically missing from the chatter is how to use social media or how to make social media work for you and your brand. So here’s my short list of why most social media articles and lists miss the point:

The Toolbox Without The Blueprint – Great tools do not make a solid house. Mostmedia coverage of social networks list the common sites (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) supported by examples of how these channels are being used. Very few, if any, address the first step – the brand blueprint. This is the hard part. Defining your brand position and crafting your brands’ “edge” shapes the message of your social network and all branding efforts.

The Take Away: Use these tools only if you have a plan to build something specific

When You Come To The Fork In The Road – Take ItUnless you have a idea ofwhere you want to end up, on any journey, it’s good to know you’ll end up somewhere. That’s not necessarily so here. Unless you have a clear vision of what you want social networks (as well as all marketing) to do for you…the outcome is predictable. Marketing will get you somewhere but is it where you need to be? What is your brands’ destination?

The Take Away: Begin with the end in mind

There is no auto-pilot – participating in social networks takes time, discipline, andmost importantly – a plan. Setting up a Facebook wall or initiating a blog is the tip of the iceberg. An agenda, calendar and content line-up are imperative. Even a feeble attempt at blogging (such as this verbal debris) takes time.

The Take Away – The benefit is equal to the effort

By addressing these three points you’ll be armed and ready for anything the expansive world of online connection marketing can (and will) throw at you and your brand.

Go forth, be thoughtful and multiply your options!

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