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The Invisible Monkey Trumps PETA


One of the great things about being a participant of the blogosphere is that rarely is there a lack of subject matter to write about. Like many things (especially in marketing) – real life is stranger than fiction.

Such as this from Jonathan Bodily of “PETA upset by Dodge using a small monkey to set off some awfully pathetic excuse for fireworks. PETA’s statement: “Most top ad agencies in the country won’t even consider producing an ad featuring a great ape these days given the well-documented abuse that young chimpanzees and orangutans suffer in the entertainment industry. This abuse starts when they are prematurely removed from their mothers and continues when they are trained to perform through savage beatings, denied even the most basic necessities, transported and housed in barren steel cages, and then discarded at seedy roadside zoos around the age of 8, even though they can live into their 60s. You won’t find a great-ape trainer without a history of Animal Welfare Act violations and a reputation for dumping animals when they’re no longer profitable. After watching a video narrated by Anjelica Huston about the use of great apes in entertainment, savvy ad agencies such as BBDO, Young & Rubicam, Grey Group, Draftfcb, and Saatchi & Saatchi made the compassionate decision not to exploit great apes in future ads. Dodge isn’t going to dodge a bullet on this one. It needs to pull the ad – and we’ve contacted the company asking it to do just that.”

As my main man, Jimmie Johnson always said, “Say what?”

PETA’s agenda is off the deep end and disconnected with reality.

I’m amused by the PETA’s identifying Anjelica Huston as the narrator of a video about the use of great apes in entertainment. It’s as if Ms. Huston’s involvement validates the “importance” or “seriousness” of PETA’s claims?

I’ve never met a single person in Iowa, Colorado or, even New York City, who has said: (a) “I’m pissed off at monkeys…let’s exploit them in television commercials.”, or (b) “I think treating animals poorly is a good thing.”

In the Dodge commercial the chimp, in the mandatory Elvis costume, has a brief walk-on role. The post-PETA version has the Elvis suit with the monkey photo-shopped out. It’s even funnier. See for yourself.

Net – net…Dodge wins and PETA looks a bit foolish

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