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Made in America – I Might Consider It


This is from Kevin Hassett of Bloomberg News: “Defending his policy of nationalizing GM and Chrysler, President Obama recently described the auto industry as “what has been the heart and soul of American manufacturing.”

Most American’s agree with Obama’s statement. Where the public view veers from the Presidents is how the auto industry got into the pickle it found itself in the last couple of years. According to Hassett, “most of us see the years of the industry’s becoming swamped by insanely high labor costs after unwise concessions to unions; the problem was that we never had a presidential orator brilliant enough to urge everyone get together and craft a plan to save manufacturing.”

What I know is there are manufactured products that America once owned exclusively – automobiles being one – that have become the hallmarks of other countries manufacturing base. In the case of the automobile first it was Germany, then Japan and now Korea. Next China?

Other products can still be had without peer and sporting a Made in USA badge. One such product are Tibor reels made by the Tibor Reel Corporation of Delray, FL. If you are a fly-fisher – Tibor is the reel to buy.

Read this from their website – ” The most beautiful machines have the least moving parts.” Brilliant.

Read more copy from the Tibor site and you’re sold. This is an American manufacturing company without peer. They are competent and experienced. Tibor has been making superior products for 35 years. And without any help from the experts in Washington DC. Over time the Tibor company has refined manufacturing processes with an eye on quality and value. They’ve never played the cheapest price game.

If you want to buy American made (and I do) be selective  – and you’ll be satisfied.

If you buy it out of guilt (this was once the heart and soul of American manufacturing…I guess I should buy American) or because your government owns it – there’s a good chance you’ll be disappointed.


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