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Brett Favre – The Sequel


Brett Favre’s on-again/off-again relationship with another season in the NFL as a Minnesota Viking has taken on epic proportions.

Back in March, in Thought Tech – On The Horizon”, I wrote “Brett Favre – Marketing Maven” Things have been escalating since then.

On August 3rd speculation about his retirement has caused the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s website to crash.

Yesterday Favre-O-Mania reached a fevered pitch. Monday three of Favre’s teammates visited Hattiesburg, Miss. with the sole intention of putting an end to their quarterback’s indecisiveness.

Mission accomplished!

By late afternoon Brett Favre arrived by private jet and was whisked away to the Vikings HQ in Eden Prairie, MN.

Some, including the Minneapolis Star Tribune, are calling it the “most important touchdown of the year.” I agree with the not so subtle addition of “most important touchdown of the year so far“.

Both the Vikings and Favre left a lot on the field near season’s end last year. Whatever comes of “The Sequel” it will be a sight for sure.

Regardless of which side of the fence you’re on regarding Brett Favre as a Viking it’s difficult to admire his ability to promote himself to be front-page national news – before taking a single snap!

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