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4 (Make that Seven) Reasons to Love Apple’s Genius Bar


My iPhone 3G was on its last legs. While on the road last week, relying on a steady flow of emails – the phone’s battery could not hang on to a charge for more than six hours.

Once home I made an appointment at the Genius Bar to have a pro look under the hood of my iPhone.

The net result of the story is that Sean – the genius I worked with – made a swift executive decision and gave me a new phone. It comes with a 90-day warranty (I still have a year left on my Apple Care Warranty) so I feel bullet-proof. I am pleased.

Here’s the short list of why the Genius Bar concept works so well.

  1. Online Reservations Are Simple – the user experience experts at Apple have made it easy for anyone to make an appointment. This is critical for the Apple brand. When you’re making a Genius Bar appointment it’s likely you’re having difficulties with your Apple product. Apple impresses you with ease of interaction before you get into the store.
  2. Instant Check-In – an Apple store associate near the entrance checks you in on his/her iPad. No need for awkward attempts to make eye contact with an employee.
  3. Status Boards – identifies your name in queue so you have an idea of how long until you’ll be bellying up to the bar.
  4. Genius’ That Are Smart and Empowered – like Sean, the phone swapping Genius I worked with, all Genius’ have the latitude to do what’s right for the customer.

That being said I have some ideas on how to make the Genius Bar even more enjoyable:

Celebrity Genius’ – who wouldn’t love to have Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or even Rush Limbaugh as your Genius?

Mac Hottie – I’ll say no more

Mac Brewski’s – who wouldn’t like a cold one while hanging at the Apple store?

So the next time you make an appointment at your local Genius Bar…know I’m working relentlessly to improve your overall experience. You’re welcome!

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