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Loyal and Engaged Employees – The Secret Weapon for Success?


Jeanne Bliss, in her book “I Love You More Than My Dog”, identified successful companies with their culture squarely rooted in customer service excellence. I’ve found Bliss’ (she calls herself a “customer zealot”) writings to be more of toolbox for enhancing customer service rather than a business book. The distinction? The former is a resource that’s pulled off the shelf and referred to on an ongoing basis. The later is a title on the bookshelf.

The other day I read through the section on “Customer Loyalty Reps” are encouraged to direct customers to Zappos’ competitors if Zappos is unable to fulfill the customers’ needs. This is brilliant in the long-term. Customers view as resource and as looking out for the customers needs. Smart.

So smart, in fact, that earns 75 percent of its daily orders from repeat customers!

Recently in Salt Lake City I experienced interaction with a loyal and engaged employee. It was a simple interaction in the business office of the convention center. I needed to print a document, sign it, and scan it before emailing it its final destination. This required some staff assistance but not much. Normally there is a charge for computer time and scanning. My cost? No charge.

Did the employee build a relationship with the customer (me)? Or just give away revenue? In this case I’d say it’s a little of both but leaning towards giving revenue away. They have no competition. Repeat business comes only as needed.

How do companies develop employees that are loyal and engaged? According to Bliss, clarity of purpose fuels customer devotion. Clarity of purpose frees employees to live the “Golden Rule” in the way they work.

Do your employees work with that clarity of purpose?

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  1. 08/09/2010 6:17 pm

    We love Jeanne Bliss and I love you more than my dog is one of the Zappos Family library books.

    Clarity of purpose is key to any successful organization and that is just one of the things that Tony, our CEO, has taught us; that we teach now teach to other organizations, too.

    So thanks for the shout out, and if you ever want to stop by for a tour you can sign up at

    Have an awesome day,

    Amelia with the Zappos Insights team

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