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Drive Thru Liquor – A Bigger Draw for Men and Deer


Researching my post “4 Reasons You Should Open A Pop Up Store” I learned that Pop-Up’s are passe’. I disagree – btw! The newest thing is supposedly kiosk shopping. My perception was confirmed when I saw this retailing brilliance…


“Swipe your driver’s license, look into the camera, blow into the breath sensor (Ugh!) and – viola! – you have permission to buy a bottle of wine from a vending machine.”

Only in Pennsylvania home of the most byzantine liquor laws in the nation would this appear to be a good idea. “The process is cumbersome and assumes the works in Pennsylvania’s wine consumers – that we are bunch of conniving, under-age drunks.” said Keith Wallace, president/founder of the world renowned Wine School of Pennsylvania.

It’s likely to get much business from connoiseurs, but they’re not the target demographic.

In western states like Colorado and it’s neighbor, Wyoming, they know the demographic they’re after. As a result drive-thru liquor stores are common and profitable. The concept of whipping up and buying a 6-pack, a tin of chew and a bag of Jack Link’s jerky is the classic definition of “shopping” for most men.

It goes with out saying you gotta love Texas!  

They take everything to extreme, not only is it legal to drink and drive (as long as you aren’t drunk), but they have these nifty drive through liquor stores for the alcoholic on the go!

Home on the Range

However there is a dark side to drive thru liquor stores. When two deer peer into the window of a drive-through liquor store it raises questions. In Medicine Bow, Wyoming it seems these deer have developed a taste for liquor. “They just stood there for the longest time,” reports store owner Pat McGuire. “They stared at a Jaegermeister display for about 30 minutes.”I can’t image two deer staring at a kiosk. Can you? I guess even the deer agree with me.

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