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Too Much Information


The Internet is a distracting landscape. It’s easy to stumble upon a great piece of writing, only to have your attention diverted by an instant message.

To make up for your lack of focus there’s Read It Later, an application that allows you to quickly bookmark articles or posts for future consumption.

To start set up a free account. Then install the app into your browser (you’ll see a yellow insignia in the right side of your navigation bar). When you come across an article that interests you, click it.

It’ll save the article in your “to read” list, which you can access by clicking the drop down bar in the top right section of your browser, or through your profile on Read It Later’s website.

When you’re finished with an article, simply click the red “x” to remove it from your list.

Read It Later also offers a mobile app (available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Kindle and iPad), which allows you to download articles to your device, to be read later (even while offline).

Both the browser and mobile applications allow you to view a text-only version of any article on your list, providing options to increase text size, tweak alignment and optimize brightness for reading in the dark.

Read It Later is a great tool for a thirsty intellect challenged by a non-stop stream of too much information.

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