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Business Plan Voyeurs Welcome!


Putting all sexual connotations aside Voyeurism (from the French voyeur, “one who looks”) can take several forms, but its principal characteristic is that the voyeur does not normally relate directly with the subject of their interest, who is often unaware of being observed.

That’s exactly what happens at CrowdPitch sponsored by Funding Universe. Entrepreneurs can observe as 3 or 4 start-ups vie for prizes, exposure and possible financial connections in time-limited presentations. It’s invaluable for anyone who’s considering pitching investors (angels or others), bankers or your well-to-do mother-in-law.

How's That for an FOC?

FundingUniverse connects qualified entrepreneurs with active VC’s, angel investors and lending sources. In addition, FundingUniverse provides services to help entrepreneurs prepare for investment, such as helping them create compelling business plans and pitches, advising them on strategic business direction, and preparing them for investor scrutiny.

CrowdPitch is one of Funding Universe’s many programs designed to further their cause – “matching qualified entrepreneurs to funding sources”.

I wrote about the Minneapolis CrowdPitch in ThoughtTech On The Horizon last April.

CrowdPitch is held in venues around the USA. There’s likely one that’ll be held near you soon.

I will be at the next Minneapolis CrowdPitch on July 15th. On top of the a little business plan voyeurism a free networking lunch will follow the formal pitch. There’s a good chance I won’t be a lunch voyeur.

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